Thursday, January 31, 2008

About our wines

2004, marks the winery’s first release.
The varieties:

Cabernet Sauvignon – Champoux and Chandler Reach cabernet sauvignon grapes combine together creating an aromatic bouquet of exuberantly rich flavors, hints of dry cherry and chocolate with lasting extended flavors.
Complements well with – rustic breads and bold flavorful cheese, steak or lamb, chocolate mouse’ or a dense rich dessert.

Syrah – Opens with abundant fruit combined with subtle citrus, lingering into a sweet chocolate mandarin finish. By creatively combining 2 different merlots and a tiny bit of cab, this wine extends and pleases.
Balance flavors with – pears and goat cheese, pheasant, rabbit, duck, or fruits and crème.

Merlot – An earthy natural beginning, transitions into intense berries off the vine fruitiness and ends in a balanced smooth silky tannic finish.
Pairs well with – light crackers with smooth cheeses such as, brie or crème la freche, simple grilled red meats or almond torte, vanilla cake or pastry.

2005, Queen Anne Winery adds a Sangiovese

Sangiovese – Super Tuscan, styled after the original Chianti without the added tannin. Opens with intense spice laced with black currant and a hint of huckleberry. A slow start finishes long, demonstrating the subtle complexity of the grape.

Couple flavors with: Tapas’, hearty red or white sauces or a winter stew, fresh fruit with crème’ la fresh or crème’.

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Family owned and operated, our winery features small barrel runs of unfiltered, handcrafted reds.