Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Welcome to Queen Anne Winery’s blog

We hope this will be a helpful and informative place to find out everything you need and want to know regarding our wines and goings on. This is also a chance to add your own comments and responses regarding our wines and winery.

QA Winery celebrated it’s first release in October of 2007. We are a very small winery with a limited supply of red wines at this time only producing 140 cases total for our first year, with plans to expand as the winery becomes more, and more well known. We offer a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. We proudly announce we are sold out of the 2004 Merlot! In November of last year we released the 2005 Sangiovese. We plan on releasing the rest of the 2005 in early April.

Look for postings every quarter with happenings and exciting news from the winery. Come harvest we may post monthly since it is such an exciting time. The information covered will help you stay on top of our releases, where to find our wine, where to taste our wine and winery events, as well as ratings and awards.

Feel free to respond with comments, suggestions or questions.

Thanks for checking us out!

Ben, Rochelle, Caden and Quinn
Queen Anne Winery

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Family owned and operated, our winery features small barrel runs of unfiltered, handcrafted reds.